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Is web development a good career?

Is web development a good career? You all have this question and to be honest it’s a very important question to ask. Let’s find out whether you should take this path or not.

Technology plays a paramount role in our everyday lives. Starting from the simplest of apps to groundbreaking inventions. A web developer builds every website or software that we encounter in our everyday lives. There is so much going on the front end and the back end of every website, it is very evident that the industry of web development is highly demanding.

Hence, yes. If you are keen on the subject and passionate about it, rest assured that web development is a fantastic career for you!

However, if you are still doubtful whether web development is a good career for you or not, let’s check out some important information that will help you clear your thoughts and give you a better insight regarding the web development industry!

Is a career in Web Development a safe option? Will web development die?

One of the most evident reasons why web development is a good career is its consistency.

As we progress towards a tech-filled future, the skills of a web developer will always be in increasing demand and highly valuable.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, the web development industry is expected to grow 8% by 2029, much faster than average.

Thus, you can be completely assured that Web Development is an extremely safe option. This industry will flourish even more in the next 10 years!

Why is Web Development a good career?

There are millions of reasons why web development is a good career for the youth right now. However, a few of them include:

More exposure to different areas of web development

One of the most exciting aspects of taking web development as a career in the future is that there are no particular restrictions or limitations for your interests. You can easily expand your skills and check out other disciplines that come under the same niche.

For example,

If you are working as a full-time web developer and are interested in mobile development, you can easily transition to the mobile sector with no hassle. The interface and the other aspects of mobile development are pretty similar to what you learn in your web development career. 

Countless companies are looking for developers to create chatbots, and other ‘home assistants’ focused on better customer engagement. This is another area where a web developer can quickly move without any restrictions.

To sum up, you have a door full of myriad opportunities as a web developer to transition to any tech sector of your interest.

Also, the best part is, you will always have the upper hand over the ones who are primarily focused on a single niche career.

Is web development a good career

You can unleash your creativity

Believe it or not. Most web developers will already appreciate the creativity that they get to exercise in their job every day. Web development has a lot to do with creativity since it directly tackles customer-centric relationships with an organization.

For example,

Most people tend to get jumbled about whether web designing is a good career for them or not.

If you are working as a front-end developer, you need to ensure that your customers have the best user experience while visiting your website. You can explore the available layouts, colors, features, and whatnot to bring your vision to life.

On the contrary, back-end developers focus on the different background components of a website or a web application, which is another essential aspect of a website’s functioning.

Likewise, Full stack developers are the jack of all trades since they tend to manage both the front end appearance with UX designers and the back end components to run the website seamlessly!

In short, web development is a career that requires your designing skills, user psychology, and the primary goals of the business while creating the website.

Hence, if you love taking up creative challenges in your career, web development should be your ideal choice!

The industry is constantly evolving

As we said, technology plays a massive role in our everyday lives. The growth in the tech industry is perpetual and occurs at a swift pace.

Thus, if you are fond of staying updated with the latest tech advancements, web development is an excellent career choice. Web developers are constantly learning and evolving in their careers with the latest tech developments.

There is practically no limit on improving your skills and progressing in your career with web development!

Is web development a good career

You can work from anywhere

With web development, you have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want to work from! All you need is your internet and laptop.

This is precisely why web developers were not much affected during the onset of the Covid Pandemic. Web developers can efficiently work from home as per their preference. Thus, if you are looking for jobs with high flexibility and remote work, web designing or development is a great option to choose!

Is web development a good career

Higher job satisfaction

Most people tend to switch their jobs just to seek job satisfaction which is an essential aspect of choosing a career.

According to the StackOverflow Developer Survey, nearly 65% of web developers are satisfied with their job, which is an incredible count in the current scenario.

Hence, it is pretty inevitable that web development comes with more advantages than the regular jobs available currently.

You have autonomy, creativity, opportunity and also paid well during your career. All of this is a culmination for job satisfaction!

Thus, it is high time that if you are dissatisfied with your career, web development can be a great switch to achieve your life goals and earn while practicing your passion!

Do you need a degree to become a Web Developer?

No. Even though you can always get a CS degree, which will be advantageous, it is certainly not mandatory.

Many web developers out there do not have a formal qualification or degree yet are thriving in this industry. Most of them are self-taught.

If you are well versed with any single programming language and database management, you are all set to lay your first steps into the web development industry.

Do you need a degree to become a Web Developer

In fact, you can also join many courses or certifications online for free from Udemy, or Coursera which can help you build the base and acquire all the required knowledge.

Some of the programming languages you should be well versed in include:

  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript.

You can either choose to learn aloof them or specialize in any one of them as per your interests,

You also need to have sound knowledge on using different tools to interact with databases such as Apache or IIS servers and can easily work with various APIs.

Lastly, communication skills are an absolute necessity to flourish in this career in the long run.

How long does it take to learn Web Development?

The duration to learn Web development is highly subjective and depends on the course you are opting for.

If you opt for a course or a Bootcamp for four weeks or more, it will take you about a month or two on average to finally master the skill of web development.

Remember. Apart from learning the skill, you need to practice it in real life to get the real essence of dealing with multiple codes and responsibilities as a web developer.

Web developer roles and responsibilities

The main role of a web developer is to build and maintain websites. The responsibilities and tasks of a web developer depend on whether they work as a front-end, back-end, or a full-stack developer.

Even though we have discussed the tasks and responsibilities as a web developer in one of the points mentioned above, a web developer is required to create websites as per both the client and the customer ends. Web developers usually collaborate with stakeholders and clients to understand the requirements and the final vision of the website.

As a website developer, you are encouraged to identify and fix bugs to optimize your websites and improve the system constantly. You need to look into the problems and develop solutions and workarounds to prevent any website downtimes.

Let’s get into a quick breakthrough of all the tasks that a web developer does in their everyday work scenarios:

Front end developer:

  • Codes the visual front-end of the website and makes it interactive and attractive for the user.
  • Brings different designs to life using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Ensure a responsive design

Back-end developer:

  • Build and maintain the technology which is required to power the front-end of the website.
  • Ensure that every component on the front-end is fully functional
  • Create and manage the internal database.

Full-stack developer

  • Specialized in both front-end and back-end tasks
  • Well-versed in both business logic and user experiences.

And many more…

What is the salary of a web developer?

Most people might consider salary to be the most critical aspect when asking: is web development a good career?

According to the survey of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of web developers is nearly twice the salary of most of the average jobs out there.

The highest-paid web developers working full time have an average salary of $75,360 who are aligned with the publishing industries.

For public relations, advertising, and similar industries, the average pay is about $66,000.

And if you work as a freelance web developer, the sky’s the limit!

Top paying cities for web developers (USA)

SacramentoNew YorkLos AngelesAtlantaAustinSalk Lake CityAtlantaHouston
is web development a good career

The average salary of a web developer in India (Top Cities)

Rs. 24,000 / monthRs. 18,000 / monthRs. 18,000 / monthRs. 16,000 / monthRs. 17,000 / monthRs. 17,000 / monthRs. 16,000 / monthRs. 15,000 / month

Highest paying cities in India for Front End Developers (Top Cities)

Rs. 8,61,000/ yearRs. 7,80,000/ yearRs. 6,30,000/ yearRs. 6,22,000/ yearRs. 6,16,000/ yearRs. 5,75,000/ yearRs. 5,31,000/ yearRs. 5,10,000/ year

Highest paying cities in India for Back End Developers (Top Cities)

Rs. 8,75,000/ yearRs. 8,00,000/ yearRs. 6,30,000/ yearRs. 6,65,000/ yearRs. 6,46,000/ yearRs. 5,50,000/ yearRs. 4,81,000/ yearRs. 4,60,000/ year

Final Thoughts

Web Development is indeed one of the most versatile tech-related industries, which has enormous potential in the upcoming years. Web developers are highly in demand nowadays. Thus, if you are still contemplating if web development is a good career or not, you already have your answers. It doesn’t matter if you have a formal degree or not. If you have the zeal and passion for designing and developing websites, your future in web development is completely secure!

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