Web design portfolio

Web Design By Sharcio


nike web design by Sharcio
Design by Ankit Panda

Nike Landing Page Design

This landing page is a redesign for Nike’s new shoe release. The main focus of the project was to decrease the bounce rate and increase sales.

cafe web design project in bangalore
Design by Ankit Panda

Cafe Website Design By Sharcio

This cafe website design improves click-through rates and effectively jumpstart the customer journey. This well-designed website design increases credibility and conversions.

Real Estate Web Design
Design by Ankit Panda

Real Estate Landing Page Design

User Experience was the main goal for this project. Users expect an authentic and intuitive website that reflects the business’s vision so achieving that user experience was the main priority.

Design by Ankit Panda

Time Management Landing Page

This landing page was for time management software. The landing page consisted of many graphs and charts to show the capabilities of the app. The user interface of the website is clean and modern to grab attention.

Check Out Live Projects

website design in Bangalore mockup

Web Design For WeGoClean

Website design for a cleaning app company.

website design in Bangalore mockup

Readilyy Web Design

Website design for a virtual assistant agency.

website design in Bangalore mockup

Web Design For Brandlyy

Website design for a marketing agency.