Top 33 Web Design Memes Only Designers Will Understand 2021 Edition

Web design is a vast field, and it has so many more profound concepts and aspects that normal people cannot understand. Every day, web designers come across so many situations while working on designs that make them laugh, from clients to web design courses to finding faults in your design. Here’s a collection of 33 memes that only web designers will understand:

1. That expensive web design course

design meme the rock in the the car

Web designing is a highly respected field, but it is nowhere necessary for you to spend so much money learning it. It all depends upon how efficiently you can grasp the concepts no matter the source you’re learning from. Most designers have taught themselves more than 70% of their knowledge about web designing and have never spent a considerable amount of money enrolling in some paid courses. There are many detailed free courses available online, and most of your web design experience will come by when you understand things yourself while working on sample projects. Hence, if a web designer hears that their friend has spent a whopping $499 on a web designer’s course, they might give them a surprised laugh!

2. Over-excited client

web design meme over excited client

A web designer always understands what their client’s website needs are and how it should be designed, but clients can be overly enthusiastic about their website at times. They want to incorporate all funky and stylish things that can be done on the website, forgetting about user experience (UX design) and how the website looks and works in an overall sense. Hearing such demands from clients can be a real laughable moment for designers.

3. Logo taste

web design meme logo taste

Fancy logo demands can never go out of fashion, but here’s the thing that a web designer understands and the clients don’t: Simplicity is the key to a creative and focused design. People can figure out the motto of your company through your logo if it is made with a simple and flat texture which helps observe the logo better.

Moreover, such logos were a trend in the ’90s, and audiences today like minimalist that directly focuses on an important part of the design. As a client, you might think that “the more effects you add, the better the logo will be,” but only a designer knows the importance of minimalism, simplicity, and white space. So, when a client comes up with such outdated logo ideas, web designers cannot resist but laugh out loud.

4. The learning process

the learning process web design meme

Learning web design and becoming a web designer is a long journey with self, putting up dedication and interest to learn and understand deep-rooted concepts. As beginners, many people might first just think about being a good web designer in the future, but very few start learning. From wanting to learn web design to begin learning, watching tutorial videos can be the first giant leap. Next is to apply what you’ve learned, without which, no matter how much knowledge you have about web design, you cannot become a web designer. Thus, for many people, the journey of wanting to learn and then actually become a web designer is quite rare. And designers who’ve been through this and became successful tend to share a laugh with themselves when they come to know their friend has decided to start learning web design to become a web designer, as they know that the chance of them sticking by till the end is less.

5. Promoting social media

promoting social media meme

When you’ve designed a great looking website, but then the client asks you to embed their social media handle, it is funny how you then have to make your client understand that it will ruin the feel of their website, and also your website shouldn’t be the source of the traffic to your social media, but the other way round!

6. Explaining SEO to clients

explaining seo meme

Explaining SEO to someone who doesn’t know about it can feel like the meme above. Designers can be having a hard time making them understand that the submitted design is the best they can get in terms of visibility and SEO. The fundamentals of SEO can be so homely to the web designer that when a client asks them something stupid about SEO, they might just crack up a bit before explaining.

7. Relying on templates

web design meme red dress women template

Great web design templates can be extremely helpful sometimes, and you don’t have to always start designing a page from scratch. Many websites provide such templates, but they turn out to be very much similar to each other. As a web designer, you might quickly identify how these “so many templates to choose from” are essentially the same.

8. Google rankings

old lady google ranking meme

A web designer may not always be an SEO expert, but they’re aware of just the necessary base skills needed to make a website SEO friendly. SEO and web design are two very different things, one being much harder than the other to have a hand on. Thus, it is a very funny self-moment when clients expect the website you designed to rank no.1 on Google the next day.

9. SEO expert

SEO course meme

So many people are purchasing unnecessary online courses that teach outdated SEO strategies.

Why should you purchase a course at all? All of the information you require is already freely available. With an average course completion rate of less than 50%, most folks aren’t even finishing these silly courses.

10. “Web” design

old lady website design meme

The old generation is unaware of the most advanced technologies and how things are made to work in the 21st century. So, when they hear “web” design, the first thing that may come to their mind is Spider-Web! Hereafter, imagining them thinking about your job as a “web” designer can be hilarious.

11. The compatibility

walrus one day to design and code meme

Sometimes the web design and coding are the least of the web designer’s concerns. The majority of our time is consumed by testing. After all, they spend all of their effort building the perfect experience, but if it doesn’t appear that way to the user, they’ve got a bigger problem.

12. It’s not good if you have to explain it

user interface is like a joke meme

A user interface is similar to a joke. If you have to explain it, it probably isn’t that good. A website’s user experience and user interface design are critical components. However, the better the design is, the more unnoticed it goes. How do you create a website so well that the user has no issues using it?

13. Concerned about Google ranks

then the client said web design meme

Ranking high on google search results is no joke. Clients don’t realize there are around 1.9 billion websites globally, and the first page of google search results only displays 10-12 websites. No one even cares to visit the second page or even check all links on the first page itself. So meanwhile, if the client comes up and demands the website to be ranked “by tomorrow,” more than cringe on it, the designer would just burst out laughing.

14. Responsive design

responsive design meme

Of course, if a client demands a responsive design, the web designer will charge them more because it takes more time to develop the website and make it work. So basically, clients wouldn’t be happy giving you more money, and then if you don’t come up with a responsive website, you’re no more working for them!

15. Before and after client presentation

this is web design

Web designers couldn’t agree more with this web design meme. You begin with this fantastic design prior to the client presentation. Following the client presentation, there are “only a few modifications.” Of course, the resulting website now is a more inferior version of your initial design and the client’s comments.

16. Small budget web design

small budget web design meme

This web design meme emphasizes the need to discuss the budget beforehand. Web designers don’t want to waste their time or the client’s time if they disagree on how much it costs to produce a good design. Budgets should be discussed early and frequently; you’ll be glad you did.

17. Web designing doesn’t have to be painful

matrix web design meme

This meme is more of a reminder to the web designers, telling us that designing a website does not have to be painful!

Designing a website should not be a complex process, and the client should not contribute to this. When working with a client, it is your responsibility as a designer to establish appropriate boundaries and standards. Enlighten them on how to collaborate with you. Inform them how many editing rounds they get for a specific amount of budget. Explain to them about your feedback method. But don’t forget to phrase it in a way that reminds them that this is how we build an excellent website for your business that will keep them coming back for more.

18. Responsive design is a big deal

responsive design is a big deal meme

Another interesting method is to remind the client how important responsive design is. Send this meme to them the next time they object to your proposal’s expense. Remind them that you require a functional responsive website.

19. Pop-ups

This old grumpy face meme never gets old when the client blames the web designer for failing to remove those irritating popups! Of course, it is never the designer’s idea to develop these popups in the first place; the proposal comes from the client. Sometimes they just have to giggle at these requests and strive to come up with a better popup experience.

20. Checking website compatibility on a “Few devices”

This web designer meme’s emotion is also a real problem for web designers. Keeping with the responsive design idea, it is critical to test your newly developed website on various devices to ensure that it appears and functions as expected.

This meme takes it a step further by depicting nearly every laptop, tablet, and mobile device from the early 2000s. However, it serves as a reminder of how many different devices a potential user may be using to access our website.

21. Slight Changes

Another one of those terrible client expressions. Take note of how they begin with “I love it!” and then immediately follow up with “just a few more changes.” We’ve all seen how a few modifications may lead to a whole makeover.

Ask them what changes do you believe are required? Why is it necessary to update this? What effect will it have on the design and your business objective?  When you turn the tables and ask analytical questions, you may be able to persuade the client that no modifications are required after all.

22. Free online tool

When a client requests a solution that could be best served by a free or low-cost online tool, don’t be reluctant to make this suggestion. The ultimate goal is to assist a client. You and your web design services are not always the greatest solution. This will amuse the client, and they’ll appreciate you saving them a cost, and next time they need a web designer, you will be the first person they call.

23. Back-ups first

This web design meme refers to a time when updating plugins on your WordPress website almost invariably resulted in a website breakdown. However, this is an excellent reminder to always maintain backup files for your website. There is no excuse to crash or lose your site nowadays, with all of the tools and backup alternatives available.

24. Smartphone compatibility

responsive web design meme

This is yet another example of the significance of responsive web design. If the content on a website is impossible to read on smaller devices, as the meme suggests, you are not prioritizing the user. When generating the correct amount of contrast, increase the font size and keep ADA compliance rules in mind.

25. Update your website

This serves as a reminder to regularly go back to former web design clients to see how you can assist them. Perhaps they are an eCommerce company about to debut a new line of products; this might be a major change for you. If you had a good time working with a client and they appreciated the work you completed for them, don’t be afraid to stay in touch and see how else you can help them in the future. It is easier to deal with repeated clients than it is to find new ones.

26. Website is “done”- False

responsive design meme

If you make a mistake or the client provides you with incorrect information to include on a webpage, you may easily edit it on the backend. On the other side, these adjustments can be more significant, such as when the client decides to go in an entirely different design direction. In any case, as a designer, you must learn to be adaptable and accept the idea that the job is never really “done.”

27. Layout

why did the web developer leave the restaurant design meme

As a web designer, you sure must be keen about the layout of the website you design, and you want everything to be placed and aligned properly, which gives you satisfaction. It is normal for web designers to get bothered by uneven objects they see in real life and wish they could fix them.

28. Imagine if all sites were responsive

imagine a world where all sites are responsive

We’ve all seen how crucial it is to create a responsive website. It is the twenty-first century, and the internet is constantly evolving. Days are gone when you could create a static desktop landing page and call it a day.

We must evaluate how the design will appear on mobile devices first. Is the font large enough, or is the user irritated while pinching and zooming in? Is the color and size of the Call-to-action buttons eye-catching enough for the user to know where to click? We must also consider other devices such as tablets, as well as design for a larger screen experience. There is a lot to think about, but your client will be pleased with the outcome.

29. Something is missing

your reaction when client says something is missing meme

When discussing designs with a client, and this is their reaction, it’s difficult to keep a straight face and not react like this dog. So, how can you avoid this? Allow the client to think about what they just said and check if they want to elaborate. Then ask additional questions, and always strive to ask better follow-up questions.  You can still figure out what they’re trying to convey about the design by asking another set of questions, then another, and another.

30. Fixing the design you didn’t create

you want me to come and fix the work web design meme

The emoji’s skeptical expression elevates this meme to a whole new level. Nothing is more annoying than having to change a design that you did not create from the start. This meme indicates that a client chose a “cheaper” choice for their website design, but you get what you pay for. So when something goes wrong, they call on you to solve it. They are now paying for two designers for a single job when if they had employed you from the start, they would have saved both time and money.

31. The design isn’t working

when you send a website mockup in jpeg format meme

Sometimes clients ask the most basic, apparent questions, and it never occurs to the web designers that there is such a thing.

When you send a flattened jpg mock-up of a project, it’s expected that the customer may be confused. What can you do to avoid this? You could go the extra mile and design a prototype for a website mock-up, but keep in mind how this will affect your project budget.

32. The irony

phd in web design

Web design is all about experience and creative skills. Any degree can teach you the theory, but it is in your hands to excel in the practical. This meme suggests the same idea that a Ph.D. in web design has to hire another web designer to make their website better as they know they aren’t good enough despite having a Ph.D. in web design.

33. Web design

web design meme

This is the most self-explanatory web design meme, where this guy is talking about something exciting and profound. Thus, Web design in the subtitle of this frame seems to be the best-fit caption, considering how intriguing web designing is.

I hope this fun blog made you laugh and please don’t take these web design memes seriously, haha.

– Written by Sonal Rawat (Blog writer at Sharcio)

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