How to get followers on Medium

How to get followers on Medium Fast And Easy

Medium is like a modern-day e-book, it is an open digital publishing platform (medium per se) that provides you plenty of rope to bring your thoughts to the masses. The only difference being, this e-book lets you pen down innumerable thoughts, from a plethora of topics into one single platform. Every avid reader and a writing enthusiast is on medium today. This is a great platform that not just allows you to write a piece of your mind, but also sell it!! Not literally obviously lol, but it does throw in a couple of bucks (a substantial amount actually) on the basis of member reading time and referred memberships.

But to be able to earn through medium requires a certain number of followers and that can be a little difficult to attain if you don’t have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. So this post is for all you junkies who want to make it big on medium. Read on to know how to publish your articles on medium, how to get over 1000 followers on medium, and answers to many such questions that have plagued you about this publishing platform.

Let’s go step by step and break down the process to make your work much easier.

How to publish an article on medium?

After you get over your write-up, publishing on the medium is rather an easy task. Every story begins with a draft and as soon as you start writing, the medium starts saving it.  You can either hit publish on your story or send it to one of the publications on the platform.

  • After clicking on the publish button, the publish menu pops up.
  • Next, from this menu, you can choose to add tags, customize the title and subtitle of your article or schedule your post for later.
  • You can then go to the ‘Story preview’ section to change the preview image in your story.
  • In case you’re enrolled in the Medium Partner Program, you can also select your story to be eligible for revenue based on the engagement your post generates once it’s published. To ensure that your post is monetized, select the Meter my story so it is eligible to earn money checkbox.
  • When you’re done with all the changes, click Publish now. 

Now the story is displayed on your public profile page and will be available for anyone to read.

But if you choose to publish your story in a Publication in medium, then you have to submit it to the publication of your choice for review. Their editorial team will check your story and then accept or reject it accordingly. Remember, you can only send your story to one publication at a time.

One absolutely great thing about Medium is that it’s not just any other place where big names and beauty sell, this place is all about your ideas and the value of those ideas. Creativity dominates here.

LinkedIn v/s Medium for publishing

There are many such platforms that allow you to publish your work for free and people are always torn between those choices, the majority being stuck between ‘LinkedIn or Medium’. LinkedIn is a business-focused social media platform. It is best for giving hype to your business as posting on LinkedIn helps your content to be ranked high in search engine results and thus drive more traffic towards your post. Although LinkedIn does allow you to post and in fact also helps you to gain more views, but it is not a writers platform. Unlike a medium, on LinkedIn, your viewers can get distracted from your content towards various other features on the site. So their main focus will not be your story but rather something entirely different. Plus LinkedIn fails to provide any built-in lead generation (pop-up, scroll box, etc.) unless you promote the post as “sponsored content”.

Whereas Medium not only has features that encourage engagement but its sole purpose is publishing content. It provides a large built-in audience to give a great start to an up-and-coming writer. In addition to that, it has an amazing feature known as “Import Content” which automatically generates a canonical tag in the source code, pointing Google to the exact source of the content, thus reducing the risk of the curator being penalized for duplicate content.

Hence, LinkedIn might be good for promoting your business as such but when it comes to publishing, Medium should be your go-to. No questions asked, just head there already 🙂

How to gain followers on medium?

Now that we’ve established what is medium and why medium, let’s get started with the most anticipated question, ‘how to gain followers on medium?’.  We all are well aware of the importance of followers on any social media platform. They are the people who will get notified whenever we post something on our account. Similarly, like any other platform, followers are a pretty important part of the medium as well, since they read and share and engage in your content, and well, you gain recognition.

 Many people try a lot of new and old tactics that they probably use on any other social media platform to gain followers, but each platform comes with its own new challenges. Something that works on Instagram or YouTube might not necessarily work here. There are numerous ways to gain followers, the most popular one that people try is the follow/unfollow method.

How to get followers on Medium


Now, you might gain a few followers with this method but you might lose a lot more coz this is a socially deemed unauthentic tactic. Eventually, people realize that you’ve unfollowed them and despite that they like your work, the chances are that they will unfollow because they feel cheated. Rather than tricking people into following you, I suggest you lure them in through your work.

Remember true followers will remain because they are here for a reason and that is that your work, your post, your ideas are adding value to their life.

Since I’ve covered what NOT to do, so let me also tell you what TO DO to gain followers organically.

1. Consistency is the key

Consistent publishing and finding what works and attracts followers to your post should be your motto. Write more of the stories in a similar vein to those that work. And never forget to proofread for grammatical and spelling errors and include a lot of white space in your writing.

2. Niche down or Nah!

I’m sure you may have heard that to gain an audience from blogging, you need to “niche down,” I for one do not completely agree with this standard advice, it may be true of traditional blogging, but on Medium, diversity is a faster way to gain an audience. You need to be open in choosing topics to write for.

3. Go big, Publish in larger publications

You can either start your own publication or publish on larger publications like P.S. I love you and The Startup. You might not have many followers at the beginning of your publication days, so I suggest that you submit your articles to bigger publications on medium and get accepted into them. The benefit of publishing in larger publications is that you already have a massive audience to cater to. If they like your work, there are more chances that they will go ahead and check out your profile to get more of you and your writing. You can gain many more followers this way. To search for an apt publication, all you need to do is enter the tag and click on the ‘publications’ tab, medium will quickly show you all the relevant publications in that tag.

How to get followers on Medium

4. Write quality articles

If you don’t have a good article, well, all of this work will be in vain. So, the question is, which articles do well?

Medium has many categories/tags like ‘personal development, life, happiness, etc.’ and they have plenty of articles under them. Needless to say, not all of them do well but you don’t need to fret, just keep these points in mind while curating an article.

  • Keep it precise (people like to skim)
  • Keep it under 4 minutes long
  • List form articles do significantly better
  • Develop click-bait headings (like on this article XP)

5. Comment on at least 20 posts every day

It is very important and very easy to comment on 20 posts in a day. You will read a few articles on medium, so why not comment on something and let the writer know your views on their work? As a matter of fact, I will suggest you follow the Medium influencers and comment on their posts. Chances are that the several thousands of followers they have will read your work and might checkout your articles as well. It is an easy job and doesn’t require extra effort. So comment on posts and also remember to reply to the comments on your posts.

6. Include a powerful image

A picture is a powerful magnet. A witty, out-of-the-box, unique picture is likely to attract more people to your article than anything else. Now I don’t mean add any picture that is irrelevant to your article just because it is unique and compelling. Add what fits your article best.  Add an image right after your headline to make sure it appears on the mobile news feeds as a teaser for your article. Visuals increase engagement and that’s a proven fact. Without it, your teaser will just be a headline, now I know that’s not bad, but you can make it a lot more interesting and pique the reader’s curiosity by adding a compelling visual.

7. Curate and use tags

We definitely CANNOT talk about increasing followers without curation. Curation implies pulling together an article on a specific topic. The Medium story algorithm is driven by topics, so when your article is curated on “life lessons”, it is shown to all who follow that particular topic.  Also, use tags to mark your posts. Tags are like hashtags, you can use up to three tags on your article, and clicking on each tag takes you to more articles with the same tag. People can just look up “basketball” to find all the articles tagged “basketball” in one single place. This makes the work of the reader easier and also ensures that the right people stumble onto your articles.

8. Use social media for marketing

You can sign up for Medium using Facebook. This way, all your existing friends on Facebook that are also on the medium will automatically be following your account once it’s created. This liberates you from the hassle of building up a new audience completely from scratch.

Regardless of the option, you choose to sign up with, you can always come back to the “Connections” tab in the settings menu of Medium to link your Facebook and Twitter profiles. It is also a good idea to promote your Medium articles on Facebook and Twitter to gain those extra followers.

Final word

We’ve covered most of the tactics for getting a good amount of followers on medium. Doing all this means you’ll quickly reach at least 1000 followers on Medium. In the end, just note that your write-ups speak for you. So keep practicing and improving every day, I’m pretty sure you’ll taste success soon. And if you’re not a good writer, then you can always publish someone else’s work, medium will give them credits on its own.  And don’t forget to keep an eye on your stats too.

Happy publishing!

Written by Jyoti Rawat

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