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Best Logo Designs of 2021 – Sharcio

Below are the 17 best logos you must check out now!

1. GameCube

nintendo gamecube design

The Gamecube logo is highly appealing to the eye and for a good cause. It’s a cube within a cube, with the outer cube forming a ‘G’ around the inner cube and a ‘C’ in the negative space. It includes a good amount of white space for the user to concentrate on what’s important.

2. Adidas

adidas best logo of 2021

Adidas is a well-known sportswear and footwear business. Their logo has traditionally had three stripes, but the stripes have been staggered in their most recent makeover to resemble a mountain in their most recent makeover. The mountain signifies the difficulties and barriers that athletes must conquer.

3. Trello

trello best logo of 2021

Trello is a renowned Saas project management company that quickly understands and helps arrange the deep picture of your workboard.  This, combined with a delicately calligraphed typography, results in a pleasant, albeit soft, logo.

The flat, simple blue is a bit mediocre in terms of creativity, yet it conveys both friendliness and professionalism. Overall, it’s a commendable attempt from a highly successful and well-known firm.

4. IBM

IBM best logo of 2021

IBM’s prominent logo is well-known all over the world. The white stripes that go through the letterforms provide equal signs in the lower regions of the letters, symbolizing equality.

5. Samsara

Samsara best logo of 2021

Samsara is a sensor company that focuses on cloud-hosted software solutions. It was founded in 2015. The basic stamp-like owl in the Samsara logo stands out against a pure white backdrop.

Owls are symbolic of knowledge in many civilizations. They have a powerful brand, which might suggest knowledge for eternity, making it a Sanskrit logo design when combined with the Sanskrit word “Samsara,” which relates to an eternal cycle of life and rebirth.

6. Salesforce

salesforce best logo of 2021

The Salesforce logo text changes from regular to italic, instantly recognizable as a cloud, emphasizing the company’s CRM offering’s strength. It isn’t the most likable or most inventive logo, but it does an excellent job of conveying its mission. And in a world where poor branding initiatives abound, that’s a smart move. Excellent job of conveying the company’s mission. And in a world where poor branding initiatives abound, that’s a smart move.

7. Gillette

gillete best logo of 2021

Gillette, a razor manufacturer firm, has a logo that is razor-sharp – literally. The delicate and exact cut in the ‘G’ and ‘i’ appear to have been skillfully removed with an extremely sharp razor.

8. Twilio

twilio logo design

Twilio’s logo is big, bold, and expressive. With each character standing alone but looking sturdy enough to endure a hurricane, the thickset typeface is impossible to ignore. It does a better job of implying strength than Salesforce, but it lacks nuance. The logo itself resembles a shirt button and is unremarkable — however, it was most likely meant to resemble a dial pad. Through APIs, the well-known SaaS communications provider allows software developers to conduct phone calls and send and receive text messages.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest best logo of 2021

The concept of ‘pinning’ things you like on a board gave rise to Pinterest. In the Pinterest logo, the ‘P’ stands for a pushpin, which adds to the concept of the pin. This combines the physical act of attaching anything to your wall with the digital element of doing so.

10. Datadog

datadog best logo of 2021

Datadog is one of the top ten fastest-growing firms in the United States. The sleek and modern design shows an ecstatic dog, delivering you with what we assume is your soaring quarterly profits.

The Datadog logo is presented in a delicate violet color that conjures high-end goods and nobility images. It’s unclear if this is on purpose or because they prefer purple, but it certainly stands out among a sea of reds and blues.

11. Hubspot

Hubspot logo

The Hubspot logo is a flat design with a 3D effect. The letter’  O’ is a sign for networks and sharing, implying that the firm offers a data-sharing service to the untrained eye. ITC Kabel is an edgy, trendy, and approachable typeface. For a firm in its eleventh year, it’s a mature and strong logo.

12. Sharcio

Sharcio logo design

The company’s symbol is hidden inside the two circles, each in a different hue. This reflects the company’s modern and dynamic nature and is consistent with its entire brand image. Check out Sharcio!

13. Sun Microsystems

Sun Logo

Sun Microsystems is a corporation that specializes in technology. The diamond-shaped emblem is made out of u’s and n’s rather than a collection of squiggly lines. The letters are formed by stacking some of the notes on top of each other. When all of this is put together, it spells out the word “sun” repeatedly.

14. Unilever

Unilever Best Logo

Unilever manufactures many goods, so they made a ‘U’ out of a bunch of symbols that represent some of their most popular ones. It’s a neat approach to indicate they’ve got their hands in many different things, and it offers the spectator something to puzzle about.

15. Carrefour

Carrefour logo design

The Carrefour logo, French for “crossroads,” has two arrows on both the left and right sides. The letter’ C,’ which stands for the brand name, is hidden between the two in the negative space.

16. Schizophrenic

schizophrenic logo design

Emoticons are used in this logo to convey a message. A sad face appears when read from the left, while a smiling face appears when read from the right. They illustrate the battle of the condition depicted in the emblem and sparks a discussion.

17. Showpad

showpad logo

With a bright sphere and beautiful typeface, Showpad’s logo pops off the page. The SaaS platform, which has been in existence since 2011, assists businesses across the world in managing and “activating” their content. The multi-colored fabric-like pattern, which is confined in a symmetrical design and paired with a fun typeface, indicates both inventiveness and meticulous order. The company aims to provide “the simplest content activation & sales enablement platform to make the content very easy to locate, display, share, and measure,” as stated on the website.

– Written by Sonal Rawat (Blog writer at Sharcio)

We hope you liked this list of best logo designs of 2021, we wish you all the very best in your career!

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